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Team Squadron

Squadron Commander:

C/Major Tomes

C/Captain Neal


Aeronautics Team: 

Meeting: Tuesday 

On the Aeronautics team cadets will have the opportunity to create and launch their own rockets. If cadets are able to successfully launch 3 rockets and write a report on the launches they will be able to earn the rocketry badge. In addition, cadets will also be able to fly drones through obstacle courses.

Drill Guard: 

Meeting: Tuesday and Friday

Drill Guard is a team that combines Drill Team and Color Guard. Cadets on the team will learn how to spin rifles, march, learn how to properly call commands, and march.  Cadets Learning color guard will have the opportunity to participate in numerous color guards. In addition, cadets on the team will be able to go to numerous competitions and earn trophies and awards.  

Marksmanship Team: 

Meeting: Thursday/Friday

On the Marksmanship team, cadets will have the opportunity to shoot air rifles at targets in a controlled environment. They will also be able to compete in competitions, and earn trophies. 

Honor Guard: 

Meeting: Monday and Thursday

Honor guard is a lot more formal than the other teams and cadets on the team learn flag folding and how to do ceremonies. In order to earn the patriotic flag ribbon cadets will have to be on the team for a half a year. 

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Raider Team: 

Meeting: Monday and Wednesday

Raider is a very athletic team and requires a lot of fitness and discipline. Raider cadets will have to do various workouts and team building activities together. Cadets on raider will have the opportunity to compete in various competitions over the year.

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